Questions & Answers

family in Peter's Canyon

Will new trails be publicly accessible?

Yes, the new and enhanced trails will be open to the public. This includes the first direct connection from Irvine Regional to Peters Canyon Regional parks and an enhanced Mountains to Sea Trail along Jamboree Road. The existing Puma Ridge Trail – a multi-use trail that runs along the ridge of Orange Heights – will also be widened, improved and formally dedicated to OC Parks.

Will improvements be made to Santiago Canyon Rd.?

Yes, the approved plan calls for the completion of Santiago Canyon Rd., widening from two to three lanes in each direction. Additionally, Class 2 bikeways, landscaped medians and walkways will be added as part of the improvements and to improve local public safety.

What did the Company do to protect views in Irvine Regional Park?

We’ve taken great care to minimize or eliminate view impacts from the park. As part of our planning commitments to the city and county, we’ve placed homes well below the ridgeline within the community.